South Africa

The economic hub of Africa, South Africa, boasts a wide variety of activities for the safari goer and adventurer alike.

The Kruger National Park is the gemstone of this beautiful country, offering visitors the spectacular big five, five star accommondations and an experience guaranteed not to disappoint. Other activities include skydiving, Cape Wine routes, world famous Robin Island or even a visit to South Africa's largest and most famous township Soweto, once the hotbed of anti-apartheid activity, and now a thriving community?

South Africa has a lot to offer any visitor that arrives on its shores.




Zimbabwe, a landlocked country, is home to world renowned game parks, stunning landscapes and welcoming locals.

Mana Pools situated on the slopes of the mighty Zambezi River is by far one of our destinations of choice. Roam unrestricted through this bountiful yet untamed wilderness. Or try canoeing through hippo city in Mana Pools. If this doesn't get your blood pumping I don't know what will!

Victoria Falls is a must see if you are visiting the country. The pure vastness and quantity of water plummeting over the cliff is mind blowing and is guaranteed to take your breath away!

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Zambia is renowned for its friendly and warm hearted people, abundant wildlife and amazing natural beauty. It is home to a multitude of rivers, lakes, swamps and waterfalls including the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls and Kariba, an enormous man-made lake, where Zambia and Zimbabwe borders meet.

It is a country of huge diversity, from the city Lusaka, capital of Zambia, with high quality hotels, restaurants and shopping centres to the rural areas, where people live as they have done for centuries.

It is a country proud of its culture and traditions.




A sparsely populated landlocked country the size of France and only slightly smaller than Texas. Over 80% of the land area covered by the Kalahari Desert with 20% set aside for the preservation of wildlife. Botswana is a land of scorching deserts, water wonderlands, salt pans, fertile flood plains and riverine forests.

The jewel in the crown is the Okavango delta, Moremi, in the western region of Botswana - a vast flood plain of sparkling clear water often less than a meter deep spreading across the Kalahari plains through tranquil waterways edged with papyrus. It is  refreshed  annually by the overflow of the Okavango river with its origins in the distant Angolan highlands. This  life giving water that refreshes an abundance of lush grazing that attracts huge concentrations of aquatic, mammal and birdlife of unbelievable variety and numbers. 

Savuti, in the central region, is a drier more open area, replete with large lion prides and extensive herds of elephant. 

A short drive to the north is the Linyanti River where great herds of buffalo and elephant congregate to quench their thirst.

And finally, moving east is Chobe on the north eastern boundary of Botswana convenient for a short drive and day visit to Victoria Falls in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Chobe is a rich riverine forested area along the banks of the Chobe which supports large numbers of elephant, buffalo, hippos, crocs and much else including a rich aquatic birdlife.



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