My name is Soren Pontoppidan and I was born in Denmark in 1960. Since 1988 I have been travelling in Southern Africa and absolutely fell in love with this continent the very first time I stepped foot on African soil.

On my first trip to South Africa I met a young man called Bruce Simpson, who worked as a guide at Londolozi Private Game Reserve. He opened my eyes to this great continent with his enthusiastic stories about Africa and his knowledge about the animals. This was the beginning of a lifelong friendship and to this day I consider him to be my mentor. This young man was made of something quite special which he has proven many time since, not least by the way he has worked his way to the top in the travel & tourism industry. Today he is the C.O.O of Wilderness Collections.

Returning home after varius trips to Africa I found that many people dream of going to Africa, but do not quite know how to organize it. That is were African Footsteps comes in. We will provide you with all the help you need and organize a trip that will stay in your memories forever.

I operate as a tourist guide and tour operator but do also provide a service to business people who need a chaperone, a driver or guide. 

This continent has so much to offer and can fulfil your dreams whether you seek the vibrant life of the big city, beautiful nature with walks in the mountains or to experience wildlife.

Seeing Africa's animals in their true enviroment is quite spectaular. Here we are guests in their world. In the Zoo back home they are prisoners in our world.

It is truly rewarding to see animals born free - living free.


    Soren Pontoppidan











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